An unforgettable trip to Rethymnon

Pluralism / Jun 10, 2018
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An unforgettable trip to Rethymnon

Crete, the magnificent island, is distinguished for its unspoiled beauty. The largest island of Greece is not only famous for its size but also for its immense beauty, which is known without any exaggeration and internationally. The capital of Crete can not be presented and, by extension, broken down into a single article. So we will start our tour with the beautiful Rethymnon.

Rethymno and Chania are the two most popular and tourist destinations in Crete, and there are many reasons.
Originally, Rethymnon is a city full of life and beauty. The Old City, that is, the city center, is distinguished by Venetian architecture. The Venetian presence at this point of the city is evident, so beside the forte of Fortezza, Loggia and the Venetian Harbor, you will walk on cobbled slopes that bring out romance.

Of course, Rethymnon has a lively life and offers the opportunity for every visitor to have fun, combining them all. You will find shops for all types, which are all within walking distance. We do not need to mention that, especially for the Cretans, food is something sacred, so you will find it in unique quality and quantity at regular prices for the season.

It is worth noting that South Rethymnon is a paradise because it has many beaches with crystal clear waters and a special sandy beach. Going south you will find the Preveli Monastery and the homonymous beach with the palm trees and the lake. In addition, you will find the separate beach in Agios Pavlos, Rodakino, the tourist Plakias and Damnoni. We point out that the distance is about half an hour from the city center.

Your holidays in Rethymno will be unforgettable.A city that you will definitely want to come back over and over again.Have fun!

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