Milos: The Island of Lovers

/ Jun 25, 2018
Viral: Η καλύτερη φώτο της ημέρας

Milos, one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, rightly holds the title of the "island of the lovers", of course, together with Santorini. An island with wild beauty, surrounded by incredible beaches and unexplored caves, seen only in magazine posters. Let's say a few words about it!

Initially, Milos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, north of the Cretan Sea. In Milos there are many beaches and many accommodations (hotels - rented rooms) that make it special for tourists. Don’t  forget that the famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos, which is now in the Louvre Museum, was found on this island.

Milos is known for its thermal springs and for its beaches. Separate beach is Tsigrados, which needs athletic clothing, as the downhill can be reached by rope. It is worthwhile not to be afraid, it is enchanting !! Sarakiniko.Water rocks combined with blue waters makes the landscape dreamlike. You should also visit Fyriplaka, Papafraga (beach between big rocks) and Paleochori. Separate beach is Kleftiko where access is only with boats and not by land.

Even Milos, as we have said, is the "island of the lovers", so there is no wild nightlife, but romanticism and relaxation! In the country of Milos you will find many nice taverns and restaurants to eat. P.S : make sure to book early enough. We wish you a good trip and good exploration !!

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