Andros: The lord of the Cyclades

Pluralism / Jun 15, 2018
Viral: Η καλύτερη φώτο της ημέρας

Andros is the second largest island in the Cyclades, after Naxos. It is a natural continuation of Evia. The capital of the island is Andros or else Chora. The island is about 70 km from the port of Rafina, a distance of about 2 hours by boat. It is a close destination for the inhabitants of the capital and for this reason very often especially during the summer season. What to See in Andros? Batsi is the most tourist area of ​​the island and many visitors choose their stay there. They follow Gavrio, Ormos Korthiou, Apoikia and Kypri. As for the beaches, the most popular sandy beaches are Nimborios in Chora, Chryssi Ammos in Kypri and Achla which is accessible by boat starting from Chora harbor or from the dirt road only cars with four-wheel drive can cross it. Of course we could not omit the beach of Gria in Pidima at Ormos Korthi, where in the center of the beach dominates a towering rock where its name is connected with a myth that the locals love telling! It is also important to mention the traditional delicacies of the island, the almonds, the pastels and the chocolates, which are found in local confectioneries of the island. Have fun !!

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